A day in the most beautiful gardens!

I had always heard how beautiful and great going to see Versailles was, but I was still overwhelmed with its beauty and history. My personal feeling was that the inside of the palace was just like many of the other castles and museums to me, it just had its own personal history. The gardens were a completely different story. When we stood just in front of the gates to go out to the back, I already thought that the view of the gardens that we could see with the beautiful flowers, bushes, and grass arrangements were beautiful, though when we went through the gates; I was astonished by the land. It was amazing the history that Christina was able to tell us and how each garden and fountain had its own importance in relation to the Greek gods. I never learned much about Greek mythology in school, but on this day alone, I learned an incredible amount! We came on the perfect day (minus all of the other tourists of course), and I couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful start to the day with the fountains on and then the magnificent stairs that led to the heavens. I was so glad that Christina told us not to turn around until we got almost all of the way down! It was breathtaking because you really felt like you were about to climb into the sky, but you were surrounded on the sides by gorgeous land and gardens. I really enjoyed the connections that Christina put with each fountain because it made the whole day just seem like a giant fairy tale. Another aspect of the day that I found to be really fascinating was Marie-Antoinette’s estate. It was like a hidden doll-land. I tried to imagine it just as it had been back in 1774 when she received it from Louis XVI with her wonderful gowns, maids and attendants for every need, and the time that she spent in her own little world. I wish I could live in such a beautiful place!


Aujourd’hui, nous sommes allés aux Versailles et c’est très beau et c’était un très bon jour !
Mon part favori était la petite Trianon ! J’adore Marie Antoinette et j’ai vu le film beaucoup de temps, donc c’était très intéressant pour moi de voir les places où elle vivait ! Christina était serviable et toutes les informations qu’elle a dites étaient bien ! J’aime l’histoire des fontaines et sculptures aussi. C’est très cool qu’il y a un message. J’aime aussi l’intérieur de Versailles et les chambres. Je veux voir le film Marie Antoinette quand je retournerai aux Etats-Unis ! Le jour était très long et j’étais très fatigue quand le jour a fini, mais j’aime Versailles et ça en vaut la peine !

Oh la la, Versailles!

Quand nous avons visité à Versailles, je ne pouvais pas croire que j'étais debout dans les mêmes chambres et les mêmes jardins que Louis
XIV, Louis XVI, et Marie Antoinette. Selon l’excerpte de
Louis-Sébastien Mercier, “Le XVIIIe siècle”, Louis XIV a fait
construire le palais pour symboliser son autorité royale et la
centralisation du pouvoir de la monarchie. Il a proclamé “L’Etat,
c’est moi”, et on peut voir cet idée dans l’architecture de
Versailles. Dans le texte, Mercier aussi mentionne la parfaite symétrie du château et
des jardins de Versailles.  Les dessins géométriques des jardins sont
incroyable! Ce symbolise l’importance de l’ordre, le pouvoir, et
l’équilibre pour la monarchie au XVIIe siècle.