first week

The first week has been pretty good. Not arriving on time was a pain but once I was not jet lagged anymore it wasn't that bad. The Sorbonne Test was TRES DIFFICILE !!!!!! I got put into the really slow class but its all good. Our hotel in Paris was OK. Belgium was a blast though. I was skeptical at first becasue whats in Belgium?!?! But once i saw where the hotel was and how there was a music festival and how awesome Brussels looked, I was excited. The deliruim was incredible and the dico tech was pretty cool. I loved seeing how the beer was cheaper than a Coke. The day trip to Bruge was fun but i thought that Brussels was better than Bruge. I was glad to get back to Paris though. The first few days of class were interesting. My teacher is good and getting to the sorbonne is easy enough. I think I know my way around the metro enough but its still a good idea to stick near justin. I hope that was about 250 words!!!!!!

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Susan said...

Don't forget to include cultural reflections! I, too, was pleasantly surprised by the Belg. trip. :)