Arguably Paris

Rachael, Kyle, and I have officially completed a walking tour.  It was a legit walking tour, and I am really proud of us.  IS 210 fo lyfe.

The tour beagn at Pont Neuf on rive droite, and we walked all along Ile de la Cite.  Ile de la Cite is the oldest area of Paris, and has been a political capital since the Merovingian dynasty in the sixth century.  Evidence of the walking tour: Clovis died on Ile de la Cite in 511.  Isle de la Cite has always been the judical center of Paris.  Originally, parliament was the highest counrt of justice, and it was controlled by the king.  After the French Revolution, France's judical system changed.  New courts were established and was named Palais de Justice.  The Palais de Justice is still in its original position.  The building was restored from 1840 to 1914 to give it its current facade.  Ile de la Cite still contains some of Paris's governmental buildings, including the Tribunal de Commerce, courthouses, and prefecture de police.

Just so I'm not plagarizing, I got the tour/all of the historical information from the "The Green Guide" the Michelin Paris book, Gwen Cannon, editor.

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