This one time in Paris

From the second I arrived at my uncles house in Les Baconnets I have felt right right at home. Not only does it feel good to be with friends and family but just knowing that JE SUIS A PARIS is the greatest feeling ever.
I knew I had to adjust the first week to the different culture here but I did not know it was going to be so easy. It was especially easy once I got into a regular routine of waking up at a certain time, et puis going to class, going to bed etc... I thought the metro was going to be the hardest obstacle at first, but with the maps and everything it was'nt that bad at all, and once im at the sorbonne everything is fairly easy becasue I meet up with Justin, Alice and Andrew and we normally get together with the rest of the group and go out and have lunch, My favorite lunch so far was monday when we all went to the Jardin du Luxembourg and all bought sanwhichs and drinks and just sat around and ate and talked for hours. I felt so Parisian. Living in the suburbs does have one small draw back however. It is pretty far away so coming and going takes about 45 mins one way but that doesnt stop me from having a good time. Especially at night. This past week has been AMAZING. Everynight galavanting about paris, looking for a nice cafe of just looking for a place to sit, relax, enjoy eachothers company and take in the sights and sounds of Paris.


Susan said...
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SC said...

très bien Kyle! Don't forget to talk more in depth about the culture, etc., what effect it might have on you, is your personal culture changing? how will you be different when you get back? look at certain cultural affectations and try to figure out why they are how they are... etc. merci!