Over the past few days, I have really been able to notice a little more about French culture than I have been able to take in over the past few weeks. When Aly came to visit, it was like having a tourist right by my side. Although she has been in Spain for seven months, when she came here, it was although she didn’t make an attempt…she would just say “I don’t speak this language.” Also, when I was in a patisserie on Sunday morning, I observed a couple who was obviously from some part of the United States or Canada try and order something on the menu. They just pointed at the food they wanted and spoke in English to the woman working behind the counter. As a “temporary resident” I feel as even if you don’t speak French, you need to make a conscious effort to respect and attempt to adjust to the country’s culture (that you are in or visiting). The attendants on both of these occasions just gets aggravated and gives off the “you are such an idiot vibe,” but rightfully so. I really understand the importance of trying to fit into a culture when you are around it. It makes me wonder what all of the French really think of tourists, especially in Paris where there are so many millions each year. Watching others with the lack of attempt to respect and accept a culture really makes me aware of the importance that I do the opposite. Even if I don’t know how to say something, it is crucial that I attempt everything that I can in order to get the best experience while I am here…and to not give off that ignorant tourist vibe.

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