Bordeaux, ici ce bon

So I can easily say that this weekend was one of the most amazing weekends ever. It was a slight impromptu decision to get up and go to Bordeaux for the weekend but I thought porquoi pas?
We arrived around 8 and had to immediately find a place to SLEEP. It took several attemps to find a hotel that was vacant but eventually we did, and it was not expensive at all. It was so difficult finding a hotel because they had the Fete de la Fleuve, which was AWESOME. So after we found our temporary place of residence, we decided to indulge ourselves in a delicious meal of wonderful salads, delicious steak-frites, and the every so perfect PORFITOROLES! And we couldn’t help ourselves from trying a little of Bordeaux finest WINE.
But the next day we went out and checked out all of Bordeaux. There were too many amazing parts to have a favorite. I had the best croquet madame on earth at a small café in the sun with great people. The Musee de Vin was all about how Bordeaux became the wine capital of the world. And at the end of the tour the free wine tasting was a nice finishing touch. The church was absolutely beautiful and GRAND and the contemporary art musee was fun. I say fun because I never got to play with art in a musee and this time I did. You are just going to have to check out the pictures on facebook to get the jist of it. And the most relaxing and best time could arguably be the gardens there. It was Luxembourg garden times the Tuilleres and then add in a river, yea. Just laying out on the lawn in the sun drinking BORDEAUX WINE, please tell me something more fun. Actually buying a meter of beer was cool.

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