I chose this to be my original walking tour because this is the route I take from school every day. And in keeping up with the same routine I have noticed a lot about how the French go through their daily lives. It begins in French suburbia, Anthony. I take the RER for about 15 stops. On the RER you have a lot of time to think and not a lot of space to do it in. Most times I will be standing and just people watching and everyday is something else. I did begin to see “familiar faces” but never the friendly waves and hellos as it would have been in Caroline de Sud or Georgie. But that’s not the biggest thing I noticed, I noticed how the French are in “the zone” when it comes to getting places in the morning.
When I am off the metro and RER I end up at cardinal Lemoine. Every day I pass and get a CROISSANT from a local boulangerie and always wonder why they can not make something so delicious aux Etats-Unis. But being a local there is pretty cool. Everyday I have a small conversation with the cashiers and we exchange our “cava”’s and our “bonne journee”’s and go on through our day. Apres class I must walk towards Montparnasse and go to phonetics. While on the way there I see much of France and much of French culture, it is a long 30 min walk. Passing through the Luxembourg gradens is the highlight of my trip. There is nothing cooler than walking through the gardens and seeing everyone eating their baguettes and all the lovers kissing, which is NOT an uncommon sight throughout Paris, and just the different people mingling/ minding their own business.
Up towards Montparnasse there are some of the nicest restaurants, one of which, LA coupole, was the best food I have ever eaten. Sitting down at the restaurant they give you a fake French name instead of you giving them your name. It is really cool when they sit there and yell out JACQUE BABENEAUX and you get up and take a seat. And the rumors of the French being rude are a LIE. The waiters and bartenders all are nice gentlemanly but they demand respect in return.
But that is the end of my tour. It took me through my everyday life and the places and people I see just make me more and more want to come and stay here for longer than a measly 5 weeks.

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