Walking tour for the week.

(sorry about the pictures...)

Since I had yet to visit the Eiffel Tower during the day, I decided to find a walking tour that included passing by the Eiffel Tower and surrounding area. I began my tour from the metro stop Trocadero. My first stop was at the Palais de Chaillot. I had heard that this was one of the best views of the Eiffel Tower, but I didn’t know what the building really was until I got out of the metro. There is a Naval museum inside and it was designed for the 1937 world exhibition (last Paris colonial exhibition). I walked through the center and went through the gardens and passed by the fountains in the center. It was a gorgeous view especially on such a beautiful day! I then crossed the bridge (Pont d’Iena) and walked around the Eiffel Tower…of course taking plenty of pictures along the way. I went through the Champ-de-Mars and headed towards the Royal Military Academy. (École Militaire). This was built in 1751 for young men to become trained and accomplished officers. The idea was encouraged by on of Louis XV’s mistresses; Mme de Pompadour. In front of the Military Academy is the statue of Marshal Joffre. I almost walked right past it without noticing because it seemed so small in comparison to the architecture and beautiful areas around it. I took a walk around the military school and passed the artillery building. I then turned at the ugliest statue that apparently was for the Armees de la Loire at la Place de Fontenoy, but it was just really like a giant road block. I walked down the rest of Avenue de Saxe until I ran into the Place de Breteuil. This was the neatest statue that I had seen because it was right in the center of the road, and there was hardly anyone around it, so I was able to see it without being blocked by tons of tourists. I just kept walking down the street instead of following the rest of the walking tour from the Michelin guide until I finally got to Montparnasse. I had not been there, but was determined to get there so I could say I had!

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