....i'm getting tired of the metro...

I wasn’t originally planning on posting another blog for today, but after my metro ride tonight I felt like I needed to post again. The music festival was going on all over Paris, and people traffic was definitely bad around Saint Michel. I decided to take a walk and go get on at the Cite stop instead since there are normally less people there. As expected, there were about 100 people less than at St. Michel. However, when the metro pulled up it was pretty packed. I tried to get on and a man PUSHED me off. Thank goodness I wasn’t caught too off guard, but I missed that train and had to wait for the next one. When I got on the next train there was plenty of room and I sat down in one of the middle section chairs so that I wouldn’t have to deal with standing if it got crowded. These three grease balls got on and decided tonight they wanted to basically harass me. I have never been on the metro where there were people smoking…but these leather-jacketed and hair-greased guys were puffing smoke right into my face. I had my headphones on and tried to ignore them until one started to touch my leg. I smacked his hand off and the sort of laughed then moved on to another girl. I’ve decided I am not a metro-city kind of person. I am meant to be driving my own car in my own space. I respect those especially in this city who do it everyday…but it is definitely not something that I will miss.
Sorry for being so negative. : /

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