ce soir, CE BON

Just to start off, Cafe Notre-Dame IS OUR CAFE. One of my goals in coming to Paris, and i share this goal with a few others, was to become a regular at a Cafe. And that's exactly what I did. Cafe Notre-Dame rocks and so does Dominik,our waiter, unfortunately for all you women he is married. But now that's out of the way i can begin to BLOG.

So far this Paris trip has been by far the coolest trip I have ever taken. I am learning beaucoup francaise. I am dining the best cuisine in the world. AND I'm with people who absolutely ROCK. I have spent a little too much money and I dont sleep very much but i can work and sleep when i get back to america.

I especially enjoyed our excursion to Versailles. C'est tres magnifique. Le jardins sont tres beau. The Chateau itself was incredible. All around it was awesome and i would like to make it my summer home. Maria's little play houses were cool but they kind of creeped me out; her little opera house however was absoulty amazing.

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