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The night culture of Paris is unique yet so similar to other places around the world. The French enjoy the same things we like in America as well as others around the world. But the way the Parisians go about their nights is so interesting to me. The concept of a Café is the most brilliant concept EVER. There is nothing better than to go out, sit, relax and have a drink or a small something to eat, which by the way is almost always delicious; Croque-Monsieurs, sandwiches, beer and the ever so special WINES, you really can’t go wrong at a café. If you are looking for a more upbeat evening you can easily go to a local bar or pub, achete a pitcher a la maison. It is a great scene for those who love to go out and PARTY. If you are looking for a more romantic evening there are many nice restaurants to go out and eat with family or friends or that special someone. In whatever you chose to do, café, bar, restaurant, you can never go wrong in Paris. In any one of those venues there will be Parisians enjoying themselves. Mais Aux Etas-Unis things are just different. There is no café life to be had, which is a very sad thing. But there are many bars and people do go out, unfortunately the law prohibits anyone under 21 to consume alcohol. And of course in America there are tons of restaurants to go out and enjoy good food and good company. One thing that I saw that was so similar to America was the Parisians passion for sports. You see it all over the US, for professional and college sports, people going wild after games or people being depressed for days at a time. Here, after a Rugby game the bars of Paris were packed and there were hordes of drunken hooligans in the streets celebrating and grieving that night’s game. It is unfair to say hooligans however because back at Clemson I feel the same way they do.

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