Walking tour virginity

I TOOK THE WALKING TOUR VIRGINITY OF THE GROUP (with the help of Rachel and Ellen B.). It was fun though. We started at point neuf which was cool because there are some REALLY good restaurants there and I want to go back and try some of them. But we walked through the oldest part of Paris, the original, Isle de la Cite. Ellen B. already said it but it has been the centre of Paris ever since the Merovingians took over. But then we kept walking and we started seeing 134234823084728473827 cops, but not just cops the grenadineres (spelling?!). They were all suited up in riot gear and we were getting a little suspicious. We first thought that there was so many cops there because the Isle de la Cite is the judicial centre of Paris and the police headquarters is located there. But I decided to take out my French speaking skills and I asked a French cop, “Porquoi sont beaucoup Police ici?” and she told us it was a MANIFISATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But apparently that just meant demonstrations like political rallies, picketing, etc. But anyways, It was cool seeing the Palais de Justice and all of the old court buildings and Police headquarters. After checking all of that out I finally need to take a break, and what do you know, NOTER DAME WAS RIGHT THERE WAITING FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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