Anyone who says French people are rude, unfriendly, or uncaring is completely and ignorantly WRONG. From the past few weeks I have seen that French people are some of the nicest people on earth, they just have a different way of going about it.
At the beginning everyone moved into their host families. Some were very welcoming in the Southern sense of the word, asking to pick people up from the airport, having dinner ready for them when they arrived or what not, and that was really surprising because I even had the notion that the families would not be that gung-ho at the beginning. I moved in with my uncle so this didn’t really apply to me because I’ve been here before with them and they treat me like family but others complained about how their families didn’t speak to them and didn’t go out of their way for them and I thought that to be a little strange but then you mentioned something and I totally agree with it. They just want to give you space and let you get accustomed to everything and when you are comfortable you can come out and make the first move. And I think that is just as polite as the southern hospitality that most of us are used too.
Next are French waiters. I talked about this on my original walking tour and I want to reiterate something: FRENCH WAITERS ARE JUST AS NICE/POLITE HERE THAN THEY ARE AUX ETATS-UNIS. They just demand a little bit of respect; whenever you talk to the waiter for the first time, a “bonjour monsieur” or a Bon soir monsieur” IS OBLIGATORY. The same in the United States, when you order you always say hello to the waiter/cashier. It’s just here if you are “impolite” the waiters don’t have any problems returning the favor; in the US the waiters will just talk smak behind you back which I think is worse.

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Susan said...

Kyle every time I reread this post I agree more!!! thanks for pointing out that there can be two sides and both can be valid!!! t'es super!