A night at the opera...

Two words: Carmen ruled.  Who would have thought that 15 college students would actually enjoy going to an opera?  Not me, until last night.  I think the consensus is that Carmen totally blew us all out of the water!  I just felt really classy and really enjoyed being able to sit back and listen to French.

I am really really glad that we had a little pre-opera meeting with Christina because I would definitely not have fully appreciated Carmen without her help.  At first I was like, oh my gosh, I don't want to do stuff for class on a Friday afternoon.  But I was mistaken.  We watched little clips of different versions of the opera to get us familiarized with the plot, and also to talk about the history of the opera.  And I had no idea that all of those famous tunes are from Carmen!  I loved seeing how all of the different versions portrayed Carmen and the other characters and it was really relaxing to sit on a comfy couch and listen to some French music.

I kind of want to be an opera singer now.  The music was just spectacular.  It is incredible to think that one person came up with every single note for ever single instrument, every note for the singers, and all of the words to the songs.  Like, really???  Who can do that???  I wish I had mad talent like Georges Bizet.  Anyway, Carmen definitely made the top 3 Paris moments in my book.

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