I believe that the most culturious place in France is all of the beautiful gardens, especially Luxembourg, Tueilleries and the public garden in Bordeaux. When I first came here I knew that I would be eating in cafes often and I would be going out to bars and seeing all the museums and whatnot but I never thought that I would have fallen in love with the Gardens in France. There are so many gardens all over the world and most of them are very nice but here in France there is just something different.
One thing that sticks out more than anything is the different people you see in the gardens. Since we are in Paris there will of course be many tourists walking around and taking pictures but most of the people there are locals just enjoying a pleasant afternoon or evening having lunch or a nice bouteille du vin or some athletic activities. However each garden is VERY different.
I have visited le jardin du Luxembourg more than the others just because of its primo location. I walk through it every day to class and I have had many fantastic lunches with amazing people. Le jardin du Luxembourg has many places all over to sit and relax and PEOPLE WATCH. This is something I love to do, actually most of us like to, and it has helped me take in all my surroundings and really appreciate what I am experiencing.
I did not visit The Tuielleries Garden as much but it was breathtakingly beautiful. Everything there just seemed to fit, which is similar to French culture. Since America is so big and diverse, everything is melted together in a large puzzle that doesn’t match but it works. France, especially in Paris, everything seems to just go together perfectly, with the French mindset and the French way of doing things; it’s really neat to see it all take place. And it is especially cool when it takes place at a historical landmark that most everyone in the world knows of.
Now I have saved the best for last. The Jardin Publique a Bordeaux was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I don’t know if it was the delicious Bordeaux wine, or the amazing people, or the fact that the weather could not have been better, but I have never had more fun sitting in a garden for four hours. The public garden has the majestic look of the tueilleries with the astonishing beauty of the Luxembourg garden, plus a beautiful river. While we were there I tried to take it all in and what I realized was that most of the people there were not tourists but just locals coming out to unwind and have a good time. So many families were out with the kids, younger guys were out playing soccer, couples were out have bottles of wine, girls were out sunbathing and then there was the five of us, just enjoying ourselves in the most beautiful place in the world.
What I have learned about the gardens goes far beyond their separate beauties. The French don’t just go to the gardens to see how it looks but they go because it is part of their lives. I would recommend people watching in the gardens because there you can see the true Parisian culture.

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